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Walking Alone

Walking is good for us, really good. Plus, I like it.

I have one friend who goes on a long walk with me weekly, and a bunch of friends I walk with irregularly.  But last week, my long-walk-friend was sick.  I did have one good walk to a lunch date. But that was not enough.  So, on Friday I walked alone.

I decided to walk to the supermarket, one mile away.  I only had two things on my list, neither urgent.  (That was good because the store didn’t have either one.)

My backpack was light, i.e., empty; it was a nice late afternoon; the sun was winding up its day and the sky was turning pink.  A lovely time for a walk.  However, not for me. My feet dragged, my shoulder hurt, and I was disappointed that the market was out of Mrs. Richardson’s Hot Fudge Sauce.

Most of all, it’s not much fun for me to talk to me.

P.S. For Amigo  Gringo's video about our Pantanal trip that's been viewed 61,000 times  in four days, see


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Anne Brew

Aren’t we all so very different?
I live in a city and love to walk on my own.
I would hate to have to fall into step with anyone else or - worse still - talk as I walk!
One concession I do make; a friend living far away likes to call and chat. I now ask her to call when I walk. With my headphones on and my phone in my coat pocket I can walk and “uh huh” with her! X

Becky in California

It makes me so happy to have this confirmation that longevity and vibrant good health can exist hand in hand with hot fudge sauce (and coffee ice cream!). Sorry they were out!


When I walk alone I try to pick a topic to focus on. It may be a fantasy trip somewhere, how I would spend a winning lottery ticket, or what famous people I would select to dine with. Or I pay special attention to the birds I see. But yes, walking alone seems to take twice as long. Hope your friend gets better soon.

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