People's Best of 2022

The Man in the Blue Parka

Tuesday was the second shortest day of the year. But the sun was shining brightly as I opened the shades to look out at the Charles River.  I never tire of that view.

My eye caught the bright blue parka of a man on the sidewalk.  He had a grocery store cart with huge garbage bags attached to the sides.  He was digging into the next door apartment building’s recycle bins out for garbage collection. He was looking for empty soda or beer cans tossed by people who don’t bother with the recycling rebate. 

My first impulse was to open the door to my balcony, shout to him and throw him some dollar bills for Christmas.  Instead, I turned away.  He was doing the best he could, and he did not need me to remind him of his challenges. 

I thought about him all day.

(P.S. Best wishes for the Holidays.  Thank you so much for reading 80-something.)


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