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I remember how proud I was when I installed some drapes in my first apartment a million years ago. After I met Peter, he became my in-house-handyman, and I barely lifted a hammer for our fifty-six years together.

Now, I try to do everything that doesn’t require a professional.  Imagine my pride the other evening when my Internet disappeared.  I turned off the computer and turned it back on.  That didn’t work.  Then I asked Google.  First suggestion: Reboot the modem.  End of problem.

The next morning, I attacked my not-printing-printer.  I fiddled around with it, figured out the paper tray was jammed, unjammed it and lo and behold, the printer printed.  On a roll, I decided to try to re-attach a bit of veneer that had come off the front of a beautiful chest that was my mother’s.  The jury is still out on whether that was a success.

There is more on my to-do list, but…

I decided to quit while I was ahead.


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Paul Albert

Judy: You inspire me! Your humor lifts my day! Keep up the great work.

Anne Brew

I remember the joy and feeling of satisfaction the first time I successfully bled a radiator all by myself!

Renata Selig

I also see myself as a handywoman for my husband lacks these skills, however how did you know how to reboot your modem? Did you ask goggle?

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