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Sweet Tooth


I love candy.  I don’t buy it because I can’t stop at one or two pieces. 

I relapsed last year when Seth visited and bought home a box of “Hot Tamales”.  I bought my own box after he left. It lasted 24 hours.   I renewed my vow to stop.

Then during my October trip to Brazil, I relapsed again, thanks to pacoquitas, jars of which appeared at the end of the lunch and dinner buffet lines  in the Pantanal. (see photo)

I bought a big container back from Sāo Paulo,  and gave a half dozen pieces to several friends, primarily so that I wouldn’t eat them all.  Alas, at Thanksgiving, Seth brought another supply from Brazil.

End of story? Nope!

On Wednesday my Brazilian house cleaners left me a Christmas gift. 

Guess what it was.


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This seems to be the 'sweet tooth' time of year. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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