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Why would anyone in her right mind go to Costco seven days before Christmas? Well, I had an impulse purchase from a few weeks ago that I wanted to return before the post-Christmas return frenzy.

If this was a pre-Christmas return line, I can’t imagine a post-Christmas one. Since Costco is a trip for me, I decided to wait it out.  And then I decided to enjoy it. People-watching can be great fun.

Every age, every ethnicity, every kind of a return, including a huge sofa.  And then there was the line at the checkout cashiers, the line at the Pepsi machine, and the line where your sales receipt is checked against your cart as you leave.

When I complimented the return guy on his unflappability, he said it was a requirement for the job, and told me that I should have seen the day before.  I suspect he enjoys it.

I almost bought a pair of those spike-y things you put on the soles of your shoes to avoid slipping on the ice.  But when I thought about a potential return line,

I put them back.


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Anne Brew

The title of your post puzzled me till I realised you were referring to queues!
UK english and US english - both great languages.

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