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On Tuesday evening, I headed to Harvard’s Kennedy School (my employer for 33 years) to hear an impressive panel talk about leadership moving to a new generation.  About halfway through my ten-minute walk, I realized I didn’t have a face mask.  Too late to go back and not wanting to press my Covid-free luck, I walked into the lobby of the on-my-way Charles Hotel and asked the people at the reception desk if they had a spare mask.  In the blink of an eye, I had a mask (and a wrapped piece of hard candy).  Problem solved.

On Wednesday, I decided that I could no longer ignore the yellow-flashing light on my car’s dashboard indicating that my tires need air.  This is a task that either Peter or a service visit took care of in the past.  I stopped at the nearest gas station and asked if they had an air machine.  The guy said “no”.  He promptly went into the garage and got the mechanic on duty to use the air in the repair shop to fill my tires.  He wouldn’t take any money. 

Was it because I am 80-something?


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Anne Brew

You are part of a great generation, now growing older. I struggled for a nanosecond recently on some stairs with a suitcase before a young man lifted it onto his shoulder and ran up to the top with it and waited with it till I reached him. I’ve finally realised that most young people take pleasure in helping us oldies.


Those acts of kindness sure do help! We still have a full service gas station in our town, the only one. Whenever my tire is low and my husband is out of town, I pull in and they take good care of me and I’m always so grateful for it.

Carol Berger

It was about your gender not our age. At any age, garage employees have always done this for me. However, beware of repair costs because they think women don’t know they’re being ripped off.


There was a time when each service station (gas station) had an outside air machine, and all one had to do had been to drive up and use it for free. Now, in our area, the closes air pump is located on the outer edge of a convenience store and to use it one must insert quarters. No more free air!


A lovely act of kindness.....both the giving of the mask and the air tire service. :-)

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