The Pantanal
Ifs, Ands and Butts

The 80-something Traveler

Disclaimer:  For some of us, health, care-taking demands, or financial issues may preclude travel (other than from an armchair).

For those who love travel as much as I do, but are hesitant about it, I am here to tell you to go.  We have lost so much because of Covid.  We have isolated ourselves and missed much that enriches our lives.  Move on with a mask, but move on.

From my first solo trip abroad in 1964, clutching Arthur Frommer’s “Europe on Five Dollars a Day,” travel has been a priority for me.  But other than business trips, I traveled exclusively with Peter until his Parkinson’s Disease made that impossible.

An April trip to Berlin with Jeremy’s family showed me that I could handle in-airport hikes and time change, but as an 80-something, how long can I expect to be able to travel? My philosophy, covid and age affected, doesn’t count on my going until the plane to my destination is in the air and I am on it.

My trip to Brazil’s Pantanal showed I can travel as long as I am not adverse to accepting help putting my carry on overhead or climbing out of a large row boat. 

As we age, we must adjust our expectations, but still do what we love.

Carpe Diem!


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Good on you, Judy! Go for all the travel you can, and enjoy it.

Irwin Lengel

Good for you! After all - we only go around once! There are no "Do-overs!"

Anne Brew

I sense your recent trip has given you the confidence to maybe think about another trip?


My wife and I were one of the people who met you at Ibirapuera Park (in Saint Pollution.... oops! Sao Paulo) before you went to the Pantanal.
On that occasion I spoke briefly with you, but I was hoping that everything went well with you and that your trip exceeded your expectations.
I am very happy to know that this trip has changed you inside: yes, you can!
Your son Seth knows a lot of places here, come back more with your amazing family, friends...


Judy. I’m so glad you are able and willing to travel. I find myself in the same situation. My mobility is deteriorating and I have an upcoming 4 week trip beginning in about 10 days. Since I don’t know what kind of condition I will be in by the end of the trip, I am not sure whether to cancel or carry on. You are an inspiration to carry on.


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