Ifs, Ands and Butts

Remember Customer Service?

It was time to replace my walking shoes.  My default was to order the same ones from Amazon.  However, they were no longer available, so I made a different choice. Two days later, the shoes arrived, and I found them to be exactly wrong.

It occurred to me that I used to buy running shoes at a running shoe store.  There, I tried on shoes before I bought them.  So I went to that same shop, still in the same place after all these years.

The salesperson talked to me about how I would use my shoes.  She brought out a couple of pairs.  I liked one better than the other.  She offered to bring some other choices.  I must have tried ten pair, none of which was out of the question.  I chose one.

By that time, I knew she was working on a PhD in molecular biology, that she played ice hockey in high school and graduated from Wesleyan University. 

The whole experience was pleasant.

Just sayin…


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Amazon is the opposite of "local." But it's easy, people say, without looking at how their community and small businesses are affected. I would absolutely NEVER buy a book from Amazon.,

Ana Paula D Xavier

I just love your writing. After meeting you that day in the park here in São Paulo, I know “hear you” as a voice-over as read along the words. Keep writing and I’ll keep hearing you! 🥰


I like that you shopped locally, the store clerk has a job and taxes go in to your local economy, plus you found just the right pair of shoes.


I was reminded of my sales clerk days. I was in lingerie for a time. One mature lady did the sizing while I was the runner bringing samples and rehanging each and every one with a smile. Now I fight those tiny hangers in the dept stores with a scrawl.

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