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Ifs, Ands and Butts

Women of a certain age will recall when rear ends were subjected to various constricting devices that disappeared (thankfully) when panty hose came on the scene.  I do remember my father (who died fifty years ago) whispering discretely, “I’d like to have that swing on my back porch” so clearly, rear ends were observable.

I’m not sure when I first heard about Brazilian butt lifts, but on my recent trip to São Paulo, I couldn’t help but notice the beautifully contoured rear ends of tights-or-jeans-clad young women.  This was particularly noticeable as I sat over a long lunch in an outdoor restaurant and watched the women saunter by.

A Google search once I got home explains the process which I will not describe here.  I’ll just say the procedure “increases the volume and improves the shape.”

I don’t regularly notice women’s derrières.

In Brazil, you can’t miss them.


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