Halloween Costume
The Pantanal

Cuiaba and Back

If all has gone well, I will have flown 9,620 miles in the last ten days fulfilling a dream trip to the Pantanal, the wetlands of Brazil, where I will have seen wonderful animals and birds in their natural habitats. I’ve cried in Alaska, Africa, and the Galapagos Islands upon leaving similar experiences, and I’ll probably have cried when leaving there too.

I may be a bit old for adventure travel, but if motivation helps, it should have been easy for me.  Having my Portuguese-speaking son and a friend of his with me will have been a huge bonus.  At 80-something, each day is a gift. 

The days in the Pantanal will have been  a dream come true.


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Anne Brew

I do hope it did go well and you have lots of lovely memories to smile about as you go through winter.
My dh and I spent many happy years travelling to faraway places for his passion in birding - the memory of drinking coffee in a rainforest in Venezuela having just seen a Harpy Eagle is almost as enjoyable as the event itself was! x

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