Day Trip
One Year Later

Zoom Reunion

Peter’s brother’s son Joshua, who lives in North Carolina, decided he would like to learn about his relatives on Peter’s side of the family. He proposed a Zoom reunion. 

Present on Saturday afternoon from Brazil, Boston, North Carolina, Silver Spring, MD, and Boulder, Colorado were Janine, Lindsey, Whitney, Joshua, Seth, Jeremy, and Candy, all relatives on Peter’s side of the family.  Janine is Peter’s niece and Lindsey and Whitney are her daughters.  Candy is Peter’s cousin and Joshua is Peter’s nephew. I was up-to-date with Janine and her brother Jeff (not on this Zoom) and cousin Candy.  But I have not seen the others in decades, if ever.

Each of us talked about our lives.  I learned somethings about everybody, including my own kids. 

All families are complicated.  I think everyone had a good time, but I doubt that we will Zoom again any time soon.

I could be wrong.


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