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Words from Peter's Friend

I am grateful for all the messages acknowledging that it’s a year since Peter passed away.  His first boss at Boston College (over fifty years ago) captured so much of Peter.

He wrote…

“I still remember the very first conversation I had with Peter.  He called me to confirm our (first) meeting.  When I asked if he needed directions he responded, “If I need directions, you probably shouldn’t hire me.”  It was, as I was to learn, so Peter.

Over the years we jogged together, occasionally drank some gin, ate good, and not so good, food, but mostly we talked.  He was a long-time-faithful editor of my prose.  I didn’t know how to be an administrator and really didn’t want the role, but he encouraged me.  He was always direct and honest, even when he stood alone at a faculty meeting speaking the truth.  I learned a lot from him, and I am so grateful for all those small but important encounters.  I couldn't ask for more.”

Yes, so Peter…


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