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Music and Me

In high school, I listened to pop music non-stop.  In college, I took music literature courses, partly due to a crush on the professor. Thus began a life-long love of classical music. 

I don’t know what prompted me to do this at my advanced age, but after reading about Steve Lacy’s release (Bad Habit) and its remarkable success, I decided to listen to it.  I became the 29,708,496th viewer on youtube.  I liked it a little.  But I didn’t understand the lyrics so I found another source that showed the lyrics as Lacy sang.   I liked it better.

I considered a change in my lifestyle because I liked the idea of sharing music with my grandchildren.  I thought about it for about five minutes.

Then, I turned on Beethoven.


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I was interested in your concern about understanding the lyrics. For me, an inveterate rock n roller, pop songs don't have lyrics. The voice is just another musical instrument.


Ha Ha! I can relate to this entirely!


Try my grandson’s band COUCH! They recently played at the Sinclair in Harvard Square! Whole new experience for this grandmother and I am now a COUCH groupie!


Try BTS! Throw in some YouTube videos if you want to understand the lyrics or just watch 7 talented guys having fun singing and dancing. Many songs deal with mental health and kindness.

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