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In July, I set aside an article in The Boston Globe about a very special New England destination in Boylston, MA. I thought it might be fun to visit. 

And on a crystal-clear-late-September morning, two pals and I found out that I was correct. 

Located about an hour west of Boston, the New England Botanic Garden at Tower Hill consists of 171 rolling acres, including seventeen gardens, overlooking the Wachusett Reservoir.  Although the summer might be prime visiting time, there’s something compelling about the deep blue fall sky, the yellow and purple fall flowers and the turning leaves that attract an autumn crowd.

There was one particularly enchanting garden, full of fairy houses (see photo above) for kids of all ages, including us.  There are many walking trails, a quite good restaurant with outdoor seating overlooking the water and a tasteful gift shop.  For those who live nearby there are year-round classes and events.

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel far and wide.  But I am reminded that often the best surprises are in one’s own “backyard”.


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