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Jeremy's Wall

When I visit my Maryland family, I sleep in my son Jeremy’s office, aka the guest room.  While there this past weekend, I took a closer look at one wall (pictured below) and realized that Jeremy’s memories are mine as well as his. Let's look.


  1. A Boston Breakers football team towel from 1982.
  2. A Camp Becket pennant, a reminder of what an amazing experience he had there as a camper and later as a leader of a group of 15-year-old campers for a summer in China.
  3. A poster of two hands from a non-profit in Santiago, Chile where Jeremy worked for a year and where we had an amazing time visiting him.
  4. An Amherst College (Class of '94) pennant.
  5. A license plate from Minnesota—where Jeremy worked at General Mills, married and became the father of our first grandson.
  6. Caribou Coffee, The Landon School and the University of Maryland School of Business, all lucky enough to employ him.

Of course, these are just part of his story.  But they are a reminder of how fast the years have gone.


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