Ageism (Continued)
"When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Gets Going"


In lieu of attending my mother’s family’s reunion last month, my cousin Richard sent a package of framed pictures of my mother’s family for all cousins.   IMG_0404

My mother was one of six children, all pictured with her parents in front of their home in Buffalo, NY, circa 1935. The handsome couple in the front are Mom and Dad, my mother being the first to marry.

Although my grandmother died when I was two, I visited their flat many times over the years.  It was a rented, third-floor apartment occupied by eight people and a German shepherd named Sarge. I remember its musty smell. 

I know that my grandfather, an immigrant, started several unsuccessful corner grocery stores and loved to play pinochle.  I can remember his scratchy, badly-shaven face when I climbed into his lap to bestow a kiss.  He looks stern in the picture, but he had a great sense of humor.

I am wondering what my great, great grandchildren might say about our 2022 reunion group picture of over thirty relatives seated on the steps of a yacht club in Jamestown, Rhode Island.

My guess…Who the heck ARE those people?


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