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CD Decisions

Peter and I were, to quote our son Seth, “classical-music-loving parents.”  It’s true. My wedding ring has the opening notes to Haydn’s 88th symphony engraved on the inside. We merged our LP collections when we got married, and we added dozens of CD’s over the years.

When we sold our home five years ago, we gave away our 5-CD-player and two big speakers. That left us with a one-slot CD player on a Bose radio.

So, what to do with about 100 CD’s and no Peter?

First, I listened to every single one. It was a big project.  I decided that I can live without about fifty of them.

The rest are back on their shelf.


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Anita Jenkins

What a great project - listening to all the CDs and deciding which ones to keep. A wonderful approach to downsizing, which we elders are all doing constantly. Or should be doing. (Swedish death cleaning.)

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