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I cannot remember the last time I was elected to anything. In fact, I can’t remember ever running for anything.  But I was persuaded to run for, and was elected to, the Board of my condominium. Despite not voting for myself, I was victorious.

I assumed office on Monday.

Here is an example of the issues I face.  If you are driving to our building at night, its sign at the entrance is hard to see, so some lights were added.  An unidentified unit owner complained that the lights disturb her by shining into her living room.  As a result, the sign is unlit on her side, and if you are driving from the west, you can’t see it at night.

The Board is described as a serious time commitment. Long monthly meetings, plus a committee obligation. I am also told that one must add five minutes to the time it takes to get anywhere because residents often stop board members to complain.

It’s a one-year commitment. 

Stay tuned.


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You are a brave soul.

Anne Brew

You will be needed. To be needed is a very necessary part of living, of getting up in the morning.
I think I would do what you are doing. Taking on the role and seeing where it takes you.
So, can they not turn the light source more towards the sign so it is still visible from the road but not shining into her room. Just a thought. x


It will be an interesting experience. Keep writing about it!

At the age of 25 I was elected president of our condo association. Foolish people. I worked very hard at that position and got a lot accomplished in the little over two years at the helm. Then, we sold our condo and bought the house we currently live in, which does not have an HOA. Would I ever do that again? I doubt it, lots of responsibility which I was okay with at 25, but at 70? Nah. I just made the comment that I don't want to be responsible for anything!

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