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LinkedIn is a professional networking and job-searching Internet site founded about twenty years ago.  Microsoft purchased it for around $26 billion in 2016. There are more than 800 million members around the world.  Today, they lost one.

Normally, that would not be worth reporting.  But it’s almost nine years since I retired, and although I have written a book,  done some pretty cool volunteering, and still get requests from people who want to “link” with me, it seemed to be time to opt out.

Opting out is not blog-worthy.  What is blog-worthy is how I feel about it.  I liked getting notices of jobs I used to be qualified for. Headhunters were still contacting me. I was finding it interesting to see what’s going on with former colleagues.    Giving all that up makes me realize how important it was to me to be employable.

Until now.


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