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The Cambridge Reservoir is a kettle hole lake, a five-minute walk from the home we lived in for twenty-three years.  It is 155-acres of water surrounded by trees on a lovely 2 ¼ mile walking path.  Peter and I walked around it countless times, and we took the family Thanksgiving picture there every year.

On Thursday morning, I walked there by myself because I needed to be there.  A dear friend died Wednesday night.  He was my friend even before I met Peter.  He and his wife had so many wonderful adventures with us, including years of bike trips in many countries and lovely weekends at their home on a lake in New Hampshire.  He was 91.

There weren’t many people on the path at ten o’clock in the morning, so I was alone when a pair of white swans came into view, not a common sight.  I stood there watching them.  I decided that they were Peter and Gordon, letting me know that they are together.

It was a comforting moment.


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Anne Brew

I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope those two swans were able to bring comfort to you on a sad day.

Irwin Lengel

Sounds like it was a comforting walk.


A blessing and comfort sign indeed! After my late husband of 35 years passed away, I saw his signs to me on some occasions. It is nice to know he still with me in spirit


I am sorry about your friend. I also believe that our loved ones let us know in subtle ways that they are ok after passing from this life. Wishing you peace and comfort.

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