On the Balcony
Family Reunion

August to August

In two days, I will have lived in my apartment for one year. Peter and I were lucky enough to buy a unit down the hall from our rental apartment, so it was an easy move, especially helpful since his Parkinson’s Disease was worsening.

We made some compromises.  I didn’t like the bedroom being so close to the entrance.  I hated the color of one stark green wall that dominated the living room.  The bathroom sink leg kept falling off. On the other hand, as a corner unit, it was filled with natural light.  Most important, it would be ours. 

One year later, there is no green wall.  The whole apartment has been painted.  Not only is the bathroom sink replaced, but the very sad bathroom floor tile has been updated. I found that I can live with ice cube trays rather than pushing a button on the refrigerator door for instant ice.

What’s missing, of course, is Peter.


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Thanks for continuing to write. I hadn't read your posts in awhile but am looking forward to listening to the Rachmaninoff when I have time. Glad I caught up on your writing and got that tip about the Cliburn!

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