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A Grandmother's Dream Come True

It was completely out of the blue-- a noon phone call offering a 48-hour-visit from grandson Grady.  It was his only week without football practice, and he chose to visit me! He was here less than 24 hours later, thanks to a Delta Airlines on-time flight.

At 6’5” and trying to bulk up for football season, it was a non-stop eating visit.  But we took a road trip to beautiful Halibut Point State Park, near Rockport, MA. We also did some serious bargain hunting at TJMaxx and Nordstrom Rack.  Like many of his peers, he tries to buy used or bargain clothes to help save the planet.

I presented him briefly at my condo’s grill night—I’m sure he’s never seen more old people in one place—but they loved him.  I had filled the kitchen counter with snacks, many of which he consumed and some of which he took home.  We watched a TV program on the ocean animals of Monterrey Bay. And before I knew it, we were back at the airport, and he was gone.

I’m living on the fumes!


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What a wonderful surprise!! So glad he came and spent time with you and there is nothing better than showing off your grandkid:)


What a wonderful visit. It's so good to see our grandchildren, and to show them off to our friends is just frosting on the cake!


Happy for you! Grandkids are so special.

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