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Fear of Falling

It happens all the time.  Little kids fall and middle-sized kids fall.  Football players fall.   My peers fall.  At some point, everyone falls.  

On Monday, I fell.

I was walking with a friend.  We were entering an outside track.  For some reason there are two huge slabs of plywood that must be walked over at the entrance gate.  I have walked over that plywood many times.  I don’t know why it is there.  I tripped on the space between the two pieces and landed face-down on the plywood. 

Miraculously, I broke nothing.  My friend and a passerby insisted I get checked out at an ER, and called an ambulance.  I will skip the details other than to say that I am black and blue in a lot of places, and I have a split upper lip that looks like I just lost a prize fight.  (I have resisted saying to those inquiring, “You should see the other guy.”)

I have friends who only walk alone so they can keep their eyes focused on the ground.  Not a bad idea, but not for me.  However, in the future, I will concentrate on…

Staying vertical!


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I am sorry about your fall, I've fallen a few times but I don't like walking alone either


As I am getting older there is some inner voice telling me all the time to be carefull , to proceed slower , to be closer to the rails . I am trying to ignore it , because I am ok , but I know I shouldn't.


Other than being black and blue
I'm relieved nothing happened to you!


Oh my, I'm so sorry about your fall. I can surely relate. Glad your friend was with you and that you went to the ER to be checked. Now, rest and take it easy till all those bruises feel better. I find it really is difficult to remember to just pick my feet up and pay attention.

Anne Brew

Looking on the positive side I would find it very encouraging that in spite of the force of your fall, you broke nothing.
Bad luck about your split lip though!

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