Fear of Falling
Follow-up to Falling


I stay away from writing about heart-breaking crises in the world.  Others are better than I am at that.   But I am not shy about sharing personal crises, and –get ready—this is a big one.

Trader Joe’s is out of coffee ice cream!  When I went to replenish my supply just after the fourth of July and saw none, I asked a helper to check “in back”, but no luck.  I figured the fourth of July had emptied the freezer shelves.  He assured me it would be in the next day.

On my second visit, I got more information, but no ice cream.  It seems that there was a production issue and all Trader Joe’s stores are ice cream-less AND they are not sure when it will be solved. 

The next day, a friend was going to Trader Joe’s and agreed to check.  No luck.

That night, out of desperation, I took some vanilla ice cream that I save for hot fudge sundaes from the freezer and poured left-over brewed coffee on top.  It wasn’t bad.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.


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Irwin Lengel

We do what we must do! Good thinking.

Barrie Levine

I feel your pain. Coffee ice cream is my favorite too! A simple but necessary pleasure.

Carol Berger

Sounds like you sort of made an affogato!

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