A Memory of Peter

I’ve been a widow for almost ten months.  I don’t like that word because I picture a slumping little old lady in lace-up black shoes with thick heels, unruly gray hair and a sad face. And that’s not me (yet).

Among our closest friends, I am the first to lose a spouse.  But that unwanted distinction won’t last.

Peter lives on in our hearts and in photos all over my apartment.  And not just in our hearts.  Last week, Jeremy wrote to a former colleague of Peter’s in the Boston College Computer Science Department because he (Jeremy) was reading the colleague’s book.  The author thanked Jeremy in an email and added... 

“Peter was one of the best professional friends I ever had – and one of the world’s brightest – and nicest people. He was the heart and soul of the Boston College Computer Science Department. “

Made my day!



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My brother was also a "Peter". He died of lymphoma a decade ago. I'm also missing my Peter -- he's still in my heart. I do not look forward to losing a spouse -- selfishly, I prefer that he will lose me. Thank you so much for your blog. Be gentle with yourself.


It's wonderful how words can lift us. What a nice note from Peter's colleague - preceded by Jeremy's!

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