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Pomp and Circumstance

Sir Edward Elgar’s elegant “Pomp and Circumstance March #1” always brings tears to my eyes. Last Friday, the tears slipped down my face as it accompanied my grandson Leo and 399 of his high school classmates filing into The Daughters of the American Revolution auditorium in Washington, DC.

It was a typical high school graduation ceremony.  The band played and the glee club sang.  U.S.Representative Jamie Raskin was an eloquent guest speaker.

Leo had a wonderful four years at Einstein High School.  He was editor of the school newspaper.  He was a member of the Honors Society. He was captain of his soccer, lacrosse and basketball teams.  (Like all of us he is imperfect, e.g., he got kicked out of a soccer game once after swearing when the umpire made “an outrageous call.”) 

The graduation was a joyous occasion.  Peter would have loved it.


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