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Morning Aches

I have accepted my every-morning-getting-out-of-bed aches. Typically, they don’t last long.  "I ache all over" was my father’s morning greeting late in life.  I was sure I inherited the a.m. aching from him.

However, I have learned that there is a reason for waking pain. When you have been lying down for a long time, according to physical therapist Maryclaire Capetta, waking up with a tight body is “almost a universal human experience.”  It seems that the lubrication of your joints and fascia becomes thicker and “glides” with more difficulty. (See Your body temperature dropping when you sleep can make this happen.

Possible solutions include a before-you-get-out-of-bed cat stretch, marching in place for a bit when you stand up or as a friend of mine recommends, keep a bottle of Tylenol and some water on your night table. Take one pill upon opening your eyes.

Have a nice day.


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Glad to see we (my wife and I) are not the only ones waking up feeling that way. I usually kid her by asking "Did you get the license plate number of that MACK truck that hit us in our dreams?"
But then we shake it off by going on with our morning routine and it eventually wears off and we feel alive again.
Have a great day. 👍


I have a heating pad for my “morning body ache.” It is especially helpful for my achy shoulder.

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