Fifteen Hundred and Counting

Turning a Corner

It’s been seven months since Peter died.  I will never stop missing him.

But I’ve stopped feeling sad every day at dinner time.  And some mornings I don’t reach over to the empty side of the bed when I wake up.

In the past week, I’ve had two visitors who hadn’t seen me in six months.  They both said I looked much better than the last time they were here.  (Of course, they hadn’t told me how awful I looked in the first place.)

I will be forever grateful for my years with Peter, but there are still people to see, places to go, and a life to live. 

I’ve turned a corner.


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You have indeed taken one step at a time and I wish you well.


This sounds hopeful. I admire your resilience and positive attitude, and wish you well with your new life.


This post made me smile. I love the hope and zest for life that you exude. May there be many more special moments and adventures ahead for you❤️



Dear Judy,
I don't know you in person (I came by Seth's work in Portuguese :) ), but I'm sorry for your loss. My dad passed away last year, and this picture has made sense to me:

People tend to believe that grief shrinks over time. What really happens is that we grow around our grief.
You have many stories to live and share! And I'm looking forward to reading them! Best wishes!

Anne Brew

Thats very good news and gives us all hope.

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