The Generation Cake

When you join the elder generation, it’s important that you have younger friends so that with life’s inevitable losses, you can remain an active social being.

If our friends were like a cake, the flour would be our generation, the basic ingredient of our friendships.  The sugar would be our children’s generation.  By now, they get it about leading responsible lives, and they begin to give back, e.g., who doesn’t turn to the next generation for help with social media? 

Eggs add richness and structure—activities and interests are a requirement for successful aging. Finally, flavoring is supplied by the youngest generation—even strangers’ babies make me smile, so adorable and so easy to love.

The frosting would be whatever else makes you happy— a great book, spring, a special meal.

In an ideal world you could have your cake and eat it too.


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Anne Brew

Agree 99% !
Tech and social media wise I discovered a talent for it and have guided people a quarter my age on its intricacies.

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