Successful Aging
Twenty-Six Months

Little Things Mean a Lot

A year ago, Peter and I were eyeing a painting in the window of an artist’s studio.  I contacted the artist to ask when we could see it up close, but before that happened, Peter suffered a stroke, and we never followed up. 

A year later, almost to the day, I bought two paintings from that artist.  It was a bittersweet moment, and I said, “I wish Peter were here to see these.”  The artist replied, “He is because you said his name.”

The next day, I walked to Trader Joe’s with a friend.  We each bought a few things, and she engaged the cashier in conversation.  “Did they give you that shirt?” she asked the pleasant young man in a flowery Trader Joe’s shirt. “Yes, he replied as he continued to ring up her order.”  She continued, “You have a great smile.”  Clearly, they were both enjoying a bit of a harmless flirtation. 

The last thing in her cart was a bouquet of flowers.  “I’m not going to charge you for these flowers, he said. You made my day.”

With so much to worry about these days, moments like these are priceless.


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Thanks for sharing these lovely stories, Judy, and for the reminder about how little things truly can mean so much.

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