The Generation Cake


From time to time I try to get rid of “stuff" to make life easier for my children who will have to go through it someday.

Take the four faded yellow pad pages I came across yesterday. It was a list of day-by-day to-do’s for our baby-sitter while Peter and I were away for a week—in 1978! 

The boys were five and seven. The list included things like who should wear sneakers to school because of gym class.  I asked that Seth be picked up on the day he had an after-school activity because “I don’t like him to walk home too close to dark”. There were phone numbers of doctors and neighbors.  (No area codes were necessary on the phone list!)

I noted that Jeremy would need help getting dressed for school. One of the most amusing reminders was that the only vegetable Jeremy would eat was baked beans. Also noted was that Jeremy wouldn’t eat spaghetti and that he should have cereal for dinner that night.

Now-a-days, Jeremy never stops eating.  He eats everything.  Yet there is not an ounce of fat on him.  Seth isn’t heavy either although he eats street food all over the world. 

It’s only four yellowed, yellow pages paper clipped together...

The kids can throw it away.


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Anne Brew

I've kept a list from 1978 of the things I'd need to take on our first picnic with our baby.
The items:
Flannel, for top
Flannel, for bottom
still make me smile!


Precious recall. You were a very conscientious Mother. Lucky sons.

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