Turning a Corner

Fifteen Hundred and Counting

In January 2008, the “70-something blog” published its first post. Last Sunday, the (now) “80-something blog” published its 1500th entry. That’s a big number.

Nobody is more surprised by this than I am. In 2008, I would never have thought “Brush your teeth twice a day; write a blog post twice a week” would still be my modus operandi in 2022.

Many thanks to my loyal readers. 


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I started reading 70 Something in February 2008 when I turned 65 and retired. Have enjoyed every entry since. Thank you, Judy.

Anne Brew

And many thanks to you - keep it up!
I loved the glimpse of your apartment a while ago - very encouraging to see how successful downsizing can be.




Congratulations on such a big milestone and thank YOU for writing!

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