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Ups and Downs

I try to not let the state of the world get me down.  Between the Covid pandemic, the war in Ukraine and our divided country, one could become despondent.

I am among the luckiest of lucky people.  But I do have my moments of struggling, and the past few weeks have been challenging.

Three weeks ago, the son of a friend died in an avalanche in Colorado.  A skilled mountaineer, forty-nine years old--it’s heart-breaking. 

A single childhood friend died alone in her New York City apartment and wasn’t found until the doorman missed her.  Within days, a beloved former work colleague passed away.  Two other good friends are ill, one with Alzheimer’s and one not-yet-diagnosed, suffering from debilitating pain.

We are fortunate to live this long.  But some things are just hard.


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Oh, Judy. Even one of those pieces of news would have been hard. But so many, so close together, and on top of still adjusting to losing Peter. No wonder your heart feels so weary. Sending you warm, kind thoughts, and a hope that the news you receive will take a turn for the better.

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