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Ferdinand the Bull


Pictured above is one of my favorite childhood books.  Published two years before I was born, I hadn’t given Ferdinand the Bull a thought in decades.

Until a friend showed me her copy of Ferdinand, a favorite from her childhood also, prominently displayed on a bookshelf in her office. She suggested that we read it out loud to one another.  I recognized every word, but she had the whole book memorized! Its story teaches children an important lesson--it’s OK to be different than everyone around you.

A lesson as important today as it was when Mother read Ferdinand to her three-year-old daughter Judy.


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Ohhhh, I love this post! I stay with my little granddaughter 4 days a week, and have been wondering lately if the authors and illustrators of children's books, and the composers and performers of children's songs, truly realize the life-changing power they possess.

Mary O'Keeffe

Thanks for reminding me of this beloved childhood favorite book!

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