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For the second half of the semester in my learning-in-retirement program, I have two new courses, both on Zoom.  In one, “Have Cities Lost Their Mojo?” we are studying the challenges cities face, particularly the impact of the pandemic.

My second course is “The Science of Happiness,” a class limited to twelve participants. 

We were asked to bring an object that makes us “happy” to the first class.  Some examples:  a photo of a beautiful view of mountains from the window of a class member’s vacation home, a coffee mug picturing family members, and a 600-year-old Tibetan ritual object. I brought a vase of fresh flowers because flowers never fail to cheer me.

But the object that caused everyone to ooh and ahhh was kept under the desk of a class member.  She reached down and collected an irresistible small black and white dog.  He snuggled into her lap.

That made everybody happy.


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Charlotte Rolle

That is the best! I just love to share happiness! It so easy to smile and to be caring. I love all your messages. Aging is a challenge but I’m up
For it!

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