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When we relocated to Washington, DC in 2017, the movers told us that they can’t move plants across state lines.  So, my favorite fern moved to DC in the back seat of our car.

It did fine when we returned to Cambridge until we moved to a corner apartment with very cold winter windows. Too late, I realized my fern was suffering.

I moved it away from the cold corner.  I apologized to it daily.  I cut back the dead fronds and added some fresh organic soil.  And while examining it on Saturday, I spied two new green heads peeking out of the soil.

I’ve set aside a corner of my apartment for plant urgent care.  In it now are a very sad basil plant that smells wonderful, despite its minute leaves and a post-blooming orchid that might just possibly come back.

And we thought raising children was hard…


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So true.....

Anne Brew

There is so much hope in a plant that recovers and thrives. Well done. x

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