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Round and Round She Goes

It was an almost-spring-blue-skyed morning at the Fresh Pond Reservoir. I was walking with an old friend I hadn’t seen in months,   so there was a lot to catch up on.  The path is two-plus miles and I have walked it countless times.

Shortly after we got started, we felt a rush of wind as a tall, slim figure flew past us and disappeared in the distance.  We noticed her long blond hair, pulled back, and that she was running as gracefully as a gazelle.

We continue our “stroll,” and within moments she passed us again.  I decided she was probably training for the Boston Marathon. 

The third time she passed us, I could feel myself becoming annoyed.  What right does she have to be so fast, so beautiful (from the back anyway) and such a show-off!

The fourth time she passed us…I felt an immediate need to sit down.

Who was that mysterious woman?  We’ll never know.


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