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Hanging Out With Seth


My sons have been great about keeping in touch since Peter died.  Nothing eases his loss, but it’s great that they have “keep in touch with Mom” on their to-do lists. 

Seth visited for three nights a week ago.  He always brings lots of equipment for his video-making and takes up quite a lot of space.

I love it.

This time he made two short videos featuring me. One was about the objects I love in my condo—items from my grandparents, my favorite fern, my climber sculpture, etc., thus giving his Brazilian followers some new English vocabulary. The other video followed our visit to Cambridge's best (and only) Brazilian restaurant.

We also took a long walk to North Cambridge, and I showed him where I lived when I met Peter.  (See photo above). 

As always, his visit went too fast.*

*You can follow Seth on Instagram @seuamigogringo (if you understand Portuguese or maybe even Spanish)


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I follow Seth on instagram. I improve my English vocabulary. I loved to see your fern plant ...You had talked about it in your previous post on blog
Thank you


You look fantastic, what a great picture. Glad you have your sons and they are there for you.


How lovely to see you.. You look fabulous! It must be such a comfort to have your sons keeping in touch.

Anne Brew

I've gone over straight away to Instagram and watched you and your son going round your lovely sunny flat. It was nice to meet you in person!

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