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How likely is this? Two brothers, ages almost 50 and almost 52 hanging out together in the elder’s Jackson Heights, Queens living room and doing Facetime with their mother!

When Jeremy realized that he was the only one in his family with two days off for his school’s spring break, he decided to visit his brother in New York City. Not sure what they did other than eat, rather graze, through the City, go to Seth’s favorite comedian’s live show somewhere in New Jersey and film a video about suburb vs. city for Seth’s Amigo Gringo channel.

We laughed about a rather silly lamp in Seth’s living room that came from Jeremy’s bedroom more than thirty years ago. And a lot of other things.

You “had to be there,” but it got one (very) empty-nester’s day off to a great start.

To watch a short video about Seth and Jeremy in New York, mostly in English, click here https://bit.ly/3D5CI3Y

P.S.  Thanks to all who wrote to introduce themselves.  I loved reading your stories, and I will answer them as time permits.


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