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I have been a widow for four and a half months.  I have trouble getting used to that term. Isn’t “widow” used to describe my mother’s generation?

I’ve made some progress.  Although I am still lonely every day, I get through more days without tears. I still expect Peter to walk in from the next room.  Often, I dream about him.

Here’s what’s better.  I find that rather than relive the difficult final days of Peter’s life, I am thinking more about all the great years we had.  Today I talked (via Facetime) to the person who was the bike mechanic on the first organized bike trip we took.  That was in 1985.  We traveled by bike for the next twenty-five summers. 

Every morning when I put on my wedding ring it feels like we are still connected.

That helps.


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Thank you for sharing a little bit of your life.... I'm an English learner and you text have made it deeply....

Monica James

Maybe looking back at pictures of your bike trips would be good and even setting some out and about.


This shift is so meaningful. It makes me smile and also brings a tear to the eye.


Thank you for sharing this. I always read every post, and sometimes talk to my husband about what you write.


Oh sweetie, being a widow is being in a club nobody would want to join. I am a widow for five years now, and four years ago 8 of us formed a Widow Friends group at church and that is what we tell each other.

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