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Pens and Yellow Pads

I decided to take a household inventory of pens. Why? 

Well, Peter believed you can’t have too many pens. He also insisted that they be the kind of pens where the ink smudges and the tops get disconnected, especially when in the pants pocket of the user.

Peter also may have been the largest consumer of yellow legal pads in history.  Every time he had a new thought, he started a new pad.   So, I also have a large inventory of started yellow pads.  I am rather fond of them.

I write on my laptop.  I use a pen to write a check (rarely) and birthday cards (semi-rarely).  I own 82 pens.  Thanks to Peter, it looks like my descendants will never have to buy one.


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Sergio Vilar

Hi.... Greetings from Brazil! I am rather found of the way you write simple moments and make then look like so special. Thank you!

Monica James

This is truly a "if you get lemons, make lemonade" story. I love your perspective.


Yellow pads.... Oh yes! I might have an urge to draw hearts on them with every one of those pens.


The yellow lined pads - my parents home has dozens of them. My own has zero. We do have pens, though. There's nothing like putting pen to paper to bring out more creative thoughts.

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