It's So Nice to Have a Man Around the House

My car is garage-less.  Most of the time that’s OK.  With advance warning of a snowstorm, I cover the windshield with a tarp.  Except when I forget.

The windshield was uncovered this past weekend when we had a doozy of an ice storm. On Sunday during prime sun time, I spent 45 minutes scraping my windshield with the defroster running. I was reminded of an old song, sung by Dinah Shore.  “…Oh a house is just a house without a man—he’s the necessary evil in your plan…” ( I couldn’t get the song out of my head.

Having to scrape ice off a windshield by myself is just one of a million reasons I miss having my man around the house.


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In 2018 , my husband passed away. He used fix everything in our home. Now, I have to pay someone to do home repairs. The lyrics of the song make sense to me...
Cristina, from Brasil.

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