It's So Nice to Have a Man Around the House


From time to time, I do some downsizing.  My goal is to make it easier for our children to deal with our “stuff” one day.  I’ve done a pretty good job.  For example, I am now down to five tablecloths, still a lot for someone who rarely uses one.

This week I tried to downsize my pile of Mother’s Day cards.  I’ve been a mother for almost fifty-one years and the kids never forget to send one.

In the pile was a birthday card I got from Jeremy on his birthday. The message, “Happy My Birthday”.  At the time, he had been a father for about a year.  He wanted me to know that now that he is a father, he understands how much “work” children are and therefore thought he would thank me on his birthday for having him.

When cards are from your children, downsizing just doesn’t work.


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Monica James

downsizing.....what a job that is and how needed. Isn't it funny how hard we work to get all this stuff and now no longer have a need for it.


My husband and I are contemplating a move to another country a few years down the road. I'm trying to prepare for it by using what I have instead of adding to it, as well as passing things on. That move might never happen, but if it doesn't, having less stuff will be a reward in itself.

I'm failing miserably with this when it comes to books and plants, however. :)

Susan in Berlin


I’m pretty good at downsizing, my husband- not so good. Yesterday, Valentine’s Day, he gifted me a framed display of Valentine’s cards we’d exchanged over the last 35 years. I agree with you, some mementos are meant be saved. ❤️

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