Birthday Babies


Today is my birthday.  I am embarking on my last year of being “old”.  When I turn eighty-five in 2023, I will be in a new category called “old-old”.  There is no denying that I am not what I used to be.

On the other hand, I start every day with exercises, including a minimum of thirty pushups, and plenty of stretches.  I walk several miles a week. I lift weights three or four times a week.  I used to tell myself that I had to stay well so I could take care of Peter.  Even without him, I prefer to stay well.

The other day I had a checkup with my breast cancer radiologist.  Among other things, we talked about losing Peter, and when he asked how I was doing, I told him that I am sad, but doing well.

He replied, “You’ll be fine.  You are a strong woman.”

Let’s hope he’s right.


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Sergio Vilar

I just want express my good feelings to you!!!

Debbie Newhouse

Happy birthday to you!!


Happy Birthday Judy!

Cristina Tereza

Happy BIrthday, Judy! God bless you!


I'm with your doctor -- I believe you'll be fine! Have been enjoying your blog and appreciate your sharing everything that you do. BTW I don't believe in those categories -- for all you know you might just be middle aged now!!! Have a wonderful birthday -- all the best to you!

Monica James

You are to be admired for wisdom, endurance and perseverance. Happy Birthday and wishing you many more.


Here's a wish for a happy birthday, Judy, complete with some special pleasure, whatever it may be. Kudos to you for being able to do those pushups every day (and actually doing them!). You inspire me, as I am 67 and have not even been able to get down on the floor for a long while.


Best Wishes!!


Happy birthday and best wishes as you begin a new year!

Audrey Mitchell

Happy Birthday, Judy
I have been following your blog since it began when I was age 65. I am now pushing 80. Your blog has been very beneficial to me in staying active and engaged. I, and some of my friends, through your blog, have made this journey with you and what your doctor says is true…you will be fine. My Best to you.


I’m 69 3/4 and can do 20 push-ups. You’ve given me an incentive to get to 30. Thank you for the “push”.
And happiest of birthdays.

Anne Brew

Been following your blog for many years, lots of interesting items and thoughts, twice a week, regular as clockwork. I do hope you have a very happy birthday xxx


I am in the "old" group and did not know at 85 the designation changes to "old old". Oh my, I am not going to tell my 86 year old friend that. We do laugh alot, she has a good sense of humor. My dog gets me out on two walks each day, bless his heart.

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