Birthday Babies


My closest buddies in our condo building gather for birthday and other celebrations.  Among us, three women have February birthdays, so we decided to do one event, an afternoon tea, for women only.

A tiny bit of social normal-ness can go a long way during a pandemic.

One member of the group asked the three birthday celebrants to submit a baby picture.  We were each given the photo above at the event. Of course, those of us with February birthdays knew our own picture, but we had a great time discussing who was who and why we thought so.

We had a gorgeous cake, a large tea selection and a fancy table setting. We chatted and laughed like silly teenagers. 

Leaving out the men was a brilliant idea.

P.S.  I’m on the far left.


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Monica James

What a great idea....


What a cutie! And such a great idea for a party. How wonderful that you all were able to spend time together!

Ellen Hoffmann


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