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It’s been a long time since I studied Latin with Miss Klinginsmith, but I understood Queen Elizabeth’s calling 1992 an “annus horribilis”.  That year had been a scandalous one for the royal family.

Although my family had no scandals this year (that I know of), I am happy to turn the calendar on 2021.  The anxiety and pain of another year of loss from Covid coupled with losing the love of my life after fifty-six years made 2021 a challenge I’d not want to repeat.

Fortunately, there were also happy moments.  I saw more of our children than in most years.  I watched our grandchildren become their own people—still loving brothers, just different from one another.  I made some new friends and learned a lot from my courses.  Because of my History of Boston Sports class, I watched every moment of a New England Patriot’s game all by myself. I learned a lot about pronouns in my gender class. I plan to learn more this year.

I wish an “annus mirabilis” 2022 for all.


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Maureen Helen

I hope your 2022 is peaceful, with many moments of joy.


Even in the roughest of years, your writing has been a heartwarming source of joy for so many of us. May 2022 be a peaceful and fulfilling year for you, Judy, complete with some lovely little surprises. Thanks for being here.


Oh yes indeed! And I wish you too an 'annus mirabilis'. It sounds well overdue. May many comforting and inspiring things flow in and around you this year as you hold your grief close to your heart.


And a Very Happy New Year to you too. Each Sunday and Thursday I always look forward to your posts. x


you are fabulous, Judy!

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