P.S to Haydn's 88th

The U.S. Mail

There were ten items in my mailbox yesterday. 

A copy of The Economist magazine, two letters from U.S. Social Security, an advertisement for daycare addressed to our son Seth who doesn’t live here and doesn’t have any children and six fundraising solicitations, four of them from organizations that I donated to last month.

It’s a shame that these non-profit organizations waste paper and postage to solicit contributions as frequently as they do.  It is rare for me to give to an organization more than once a year.

For the most part, non-profit organizations solicit for worthy causes.  However, it’s a good idea to check websites such as Charity Navigator or Guidestar.org to learn what percentage of your contribution goes to administration and fundraising before you donate.

The work these organizations do is vital.  But it sure would be nice to find a hand-written letter from a long-lost friend in my mailbox.


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jackie rifkin

This really hits home with me, Judy. I see elaborately designed letters for charities and can't help but wonder at the cost of these materials. And yes, I continue to get pleas from organizations that I have only given to once for a special occasion. I only give to organizations that I volunteer for, because I know how those funds are used. I've even tried "return to sender" but that doesn't help much.
And this year I'm writing a personal letter to a friend each week..even ordered some nice note paper! Thank you for all your insights, I'm just about your age, born 1937, and have followed you for many years. your friend in Arizona, Jackie

Gail Lamotte

Judy -
I too only donate usually once a year to many organizations, now on-line, and cringe at all the paper waste.
Not to mention all the "gifts" sent with the requests! I design and make cards for a hobby and vow to send more this year to my friends across the country.
The one charity I volunteer and solicit for has a special yearly event auction with their members where the proceeds go towards the operating expenses.
Judy, I have enjoyed following you for many, many years and will continue for many more years laughing, crying with you, and following your wisdom.

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