Customer Service?????

The Unwanted Frock


The only stores I shop in these days sell groceries.  So, when I am tired of my at-home-wardrobe, I sometimes order online. 

In early December, I ordered a gray long-sleeved shirt. Because of the US-wide shipping nightmare, I wasn’t surprised that it didn’t make it by Christmas. 

On January 24th, it arrived.  Pictured above is the “gray shirt” I ordered. It was an obvious error because the inside receipt was for the right item. Customer service told me they would pay for my shipping it back, but the item is no longer in stock.  (My point that the person who ordered the dress must have my top, and it could be sent to me when it was returned was more than she could deal with.)

Just one more reason to prefer a pandemic-less life.


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Anne Brew

It is a nice dress! x

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