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Those (like me) who devour the food sections of newspapers and subscribe to cooking newsletters, can’t miss the trend toward sheet-pan-cooking.  For those unfamiliar with that term, it means that protein, starch and vegetable(s) are baked on one sheet pan formerly exclusively used to bake a batch of cookies. 

Gone can be the days of scrubbing three-pans after dinner.

However, now that I am cooking for one most days, I have gone a step further.  I often cook my whole meal in a seven-inch cast iron skillet on one stove-top burner. Perfect for fish or chicken for-one, a sauteed green vegetable and rice reheated from a big pot previously frozen in single portions.  I start with a big splash of olive oil, often add some garlic and then whatever takes the longest to cook, etc

Try it.  You’ll thank me.


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Janet Gottlieb

The "sheet pan" can be a small one, in the toaster oven, when it's dinner for one


Great idea, and any other tips you have on cooking for one are most welcome!

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