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Can You Top This?

As an eighty-something who is grateful to be functioning reasonably well, I am vigilant about looking for signs of my “losing it”.  They appear to be happening more frequently now-a-days. 

Several months ago, (I may have reported this) I started the coffee maker without putting the carafe in its place, left the kitchen, and then spent way too much time cleaning up the mess from eight cups of coffee on my counters, the floor and in some of my cabinets.

A few days ago, I prepared a sauce for some salmon. When the oven reached 400 degrees, I threw the pan of salmon into the oven and continued with whatever else I had been doing.  Suddenly I realized that I had never put the sauce on the salmon.  Fortunately, it had enough sauced time to be quite delicious.

On Monday morning, it was very cold on my three-mile walk with a friend. So as soon as I got home, I eagerly hopped into a hot shower.  Something felt odd, and when I looked down, I saw that I was still wearing one very wet sock.

Can you top that?


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On the positive side, at least you still remember the incidents!!! Maybe you are trying to multitask too much.

Maureen Helen

Hi Judy, these are not signs you are 'losing it'. I think you are mourning Peter, perhaps stressed and probably trying to do too much. Be gentle with yourself. Take care. Stay safe. Mxx

Jenyce Jiggetts

Hi Judy, I'm 83 and mentally great.

However after I placed the stopper in the kitchen sink to fill the sink for cleaning, went to do something else (cleaning or washing) forgot the water was running and it flooded the kitchen running down to the below apartment (this happened twice) I decided I had to stop trying to multi-task and do one thing at a time.

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